Lets Kill Some Bitches

HOUSE BILL NO. 2491 was introduced in Va in Jan 2019.  Why do the federal GOP representatives give a shit?  Hmmm So aren’t they there to represent the will of the people that put them there?  I fail to see how millions of people care about a law in Va that deals with second trimester health care for women.  And yes it makes it very clear that any baby born alive from any medical procedure including abortion must be cared for protected.  Duh.    


In the adult biz we are totally use to the gov trying to set up shop in our who-ha’s.  


Thing is, I love people, including my MIT rep. friend with the giant cock or my multi millionaire Tec dem. friend, strangely, also with a giant cock?  I love to hear facts and learn more about the truth which can only come from hearing all sides.  So when my friend said that the dems passed a law to kill babies by neglect I sorta brushed it off cuz how is that real, right?  But there was a fire in her eyes that scared the shit out of me so I did some research. 




This simple health care for chicks bill in Va ignited a shit storm of bills in the fed house and senate.  There were 50 fucking rep. hate my vagina bills before I got to my first dem. bill.  The rep. bills include no fed money for abortion, again, no state can use its funds for abortion, exclusion of abortion related medical service from medical care tax right offs, no cross state line abortion without notice, no later term abortion ever even to save chicks life, no abortion ever if there is any sign of life once the tissue is fully removed (sign of life is basically anything), life is at conception bills, and several bills to defund, or otherwise make any planned parenthood business illegal.  Oh ya and the titles are like lets protect the health of the unborn and lets fly the flag at half mast one day a year for the dead unborn, basic shit like rape insurance and forcing a lady to pay for a funeral for her unborn child after an abortion even if the cells are just a few weeks old.  


How the fuck do people vote for a dude that wants to take away the life of a totally fertile and hot chick.  Ya that’s right, when they make laws that kill the chick to save the baby it results in hundreds of deaths during child birth just like the cowboy days.  Go team, kill the bitches.  


Sloppy Seconds and Thirds

Funny story.  So guys joke about being tunnel buddies when they fuck the same girl or even guy I suppose.

Well Jessica Drake did her first porn scene with me.  She later went on the be a Wicked contract girl with Stormy Daniels.


They fucked too I’m sure.  So If I fucked Jessica and Jessica fucked Stormy and Stormy fucked Trump does that mean that I am once removed tunnel buddies with the president?  If so then a decade or two porn stars are as well.  hehehe  LMAO.


I love my two famous porn star girls.  Super great careers, super happy for them both.

War on my vagina

So the first month in office there was an executive order banning federal money to pay for abortion.  OK it’s republican conservative moral values.  But but but some states said yippie me too.



Problem is the wording of the ex order.  No federal money to any private co if that private co has a private contract that covers abortion?  WTF?


OK so medi-care people.  Every big ins co gets federal money for old people.  The law says we all have to register at 65, that’s considered old, still, I guess.  OK so if BlueCross gets old people money then they can’t contract with me for abortion?  Or they risk losing all the medi care customers?


But wait there’s more.


So I’m in Texas or Mich and I get raped and abortion isn’t covered by my ins, surprise!!!  Tx and Mich won’t treat me cuz I don’t have rape ins?  Remember no state money for abortion.  So no ins and no ER unless cash or rape ins?  OMG WTF


This is an extreme hypothetical but could totally happen under the wording of the executive orders seemingly simple conservative moral value.  And yes RAPE INS in Tx and Mich is pathetically real.